Hello can I post this here?

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Hello can I post this here? Empty Hello can I post this here?

Post  amollinn on Wed Aug 03, 2011 3:10 am

Hello.DVD Shrink says file's too big - After I decrypt some DVD's with DVD Decrypt, after I open the image file with DVD Shrink when I hit "backup" I get an error that says the resulting file will be too big and it may not be able to be burned. I thought the whole purpose of DVD Shrink was to compress large files so that they would fit on a disc! I've tried disabling some tracks, but the last time I tried disabling one of the language tracks I got a Jet Li movie with no sound and no subtitles. I have compression set to automatic, I don't understand why this keeps happening. Please Help! I am using DVD Shrink 3.2.0


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